Earn money on shorten link.

Earn money on shortener links

Earn money on shorten Link
Best URL Shortner

Earn money on shortener links will be a good option for those looking to work from home job opportunities. There are companies out there in the market but finding the legit one and high paying companies is the key to sustain. Here we are listing some of the leading firms in this industry with the best payout.

Best URL shortener.

What makes a company best in this industry? A URL Shortening service allows us to make ugly links to make beautiful, Link will be short and memorable after we short. Best useful for Blogger, Affiliate marketers, Companies etc

 Now a day’s companies may opt-in for Custom link shortening that allows them to promote their brand. Some URLs Shortening companies demand payments for using their additional service but we discuss only free service and legit. Their around tracking tool allows to understand about visitors, locations 

We have taken into account for Analysing the user features, easiness, and customization to decide whether this to recommend or not. Link shortener Free.

All among the recommended Plat forms ere are free to use. You can copy the long Url from Viral Content and paste in the space provided for shortening and use that to any platform you think will get more click,

Get paid to Advertise

To earn money on shorten link You may prefer to promote through Facebook groups on the same interest, What’s up groups in a different country, Question Answer forums like Quora, All will bring tons of traffic. 

If anybody clicks the shortened Url some amount will be credited to your account that payment will be different depends on Geographical locations, company wise However clicks from top tier countries like the US, UK, and Canada, etc are paying more payout.





Shortly is one among the new legit company paying well. The company pays a share of revenue to its users for bringing traffic. Payout rates are different for country wise Please check their payout page.

Clicks of 1000 views from Country of Greenland will be up to $15, Anyway, the minimum payout for 1000 views will be $ 3.


  1. Referral Income -30 %
  2. Minimum Payout -$5, Payment withdrawal may take up to 24 to 48 Hours.
  3. Payment Methods -PayPal, Paytm, UPI, BitCoin, and Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill
  4. company is paying a minimum of $3 for 1000 views.




This European company pays well for the users through their connected network of advertisers, well-reputed in the link shortening field. Shorte.st miner app can use on multiple computers. Earning from all of the used devices will be combined and will pass out on the 10 the day of every month.


  1. Minimum Payment -$5, All payments will be done on the 10Th of each month. Auto Withdrawal option available
  2. Payment Methods -Payaneer, web money, and PayPal.
  3. Referral Income -20% (Referral Banners Available .)




The company is paying money for unique visitors you may need to promote through Face book, twitter, youtube or message sharing platform, Site providing easy to use API that will help to create a link instantly to promote.

All history of the link can track easily in the interface in the real-time, Full history of the link can track full page script, website entry script available.


  1. Minimum Payout- $ 5
  2. Payment Methods - Paypal and Payoneer
  3. Reference commission - 20% of the earning for the lifetime. (Publisher Banner ads, Popads, Referral Banners Available .) 




Legit company allows a very modern interface and easy to use and paying for higher payout for desktop or mobile traffic. Website banners are not available.


  1. Minimum Payouts -$ 10, After reaching the minimum threshold paid within 7 days.
  2. Payout Methods -Bitcoin, Payoneer and Bank Account
  3. Referral Commission - 10 % from the referral earning.





GP Links also completely free and easy to use interface to make money through sharing Link this link. Company is one among the most reputed brand in this industry


  1. Minimum Payout-$5
  2. Payment Method. - Paytm, Paypal, Bank Transfer, etc
  3. Referral Commission- 20 % for the lifetime
  4. Details statistics available
  5. Easy to use API Keys.
  6. Support team available to contact.





This company is a prominent player in this industry and High paying properly and easy to use interface.


  1. Minimum Payment -$5, Every month two-time payment.
  2. Payment method -Payza, Paypal ,payeer– No fees for payment gateway so 100% money into you’re a/C
  3. Referral Commission -20% of the referral commission for the lifetime.
  4. Customer support for 24 hours available




Shrink earn also free to use to earn money on shorten links. For more traffic to the site Company paying higher payouts,

Advantageous to Promoting

  1. High Pay-out Rate
  2. Interface is easy to use and can use fast
  3. Full-time customer support
  4. You can share the Referral links to friends and earn 25 % from their earn 


How do you shorten URLs?


Sign in to the above-mentioned websites

Visit the specified Websites and paste your URL in the Paste your long URL here box

Click the shorten URL.


How do you shorten a URL free?


All the mentioned websites are free to make the shortened URL and to make money by sharing your viral URL. Just to log in and paste your

URL in the specified area to use it free.


Should I use a URL Shortner?


Short URL will not take much space for a normal user If the URL is using Marketing purpose it’s very difficult to promote through social media and other platforms

They may identify as spammers in such platforms also if we have a short URL very easy to track it and to study the customer trends easily like, geography, location, etc.


Is Short URL is safe?


Only use legit companies out there Most of the link shortening companies are safe to use, even though there are criminals so don’t click and use the service if you doubt any company. Some

of them may redirect to any phishing websites.


How long does a short URL last?


This will be live as far as the company is in business.


How do URL softeners make money?


They will collect and resell the total reports of the site you have visited to top companies that need this information. These companies will analyze the reports for their product marketing or to

make quality materials


How can I check if a URL is safe?


There are tools available to check the sites also check with google safe browsing tool.

Visit and Sign up the above links to join and to earn money on shorten link.


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